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Hello kitties, we are a Seattle-based fanzine. Why? Because the artists/writers compiled are all inspirational-like and deserve airing. And because designing and pasting columns of text with high contrast images is good times.

It's true. We cut everything out of bits of paper and then stick it on with glue and then make photocopies. Yes. And then we staple the booklets into silkscreened covers with a CD of obscure tunes, seal it in a baggie, and send it out into the wide world.
Three cheers for print media! We work in the living room mostly! You can do it! Live to adjust the tuning forks of the universe, frequencies unite!

issue #5 is done!

Ong Ong Fanzine #5 cover

Two nesting booklets, 116 pages of art and non-fiction, a free CD of mostly private press LP rarities from the Ong Ong archives, interviews with Mississippi Records label person Eric Isaacson, record producer Scott Colburn, and musician/Dragon's Eye Recordings runner Yann Novak.Silk screened cover by Chris Ando.

Also: Bunnies, friendship bracelets, field hippies, piles of textiles, Czech new wave, alternate realities, tree tops, Hotel art installation, advice, mental institutions, instrument selection, rings of history, people holding hands in a circle, Scott Davis at 17, pure purr energy, tree tops, lotuses, relationships, perception, floating skulls, tripped out line quality, Halley's comet, fire damage, father figures, show reviews, AFCGT caricatured, snow, ladies with long hair carrying stars, Rumi... coalescence!

Artists and writers in order of appearance: Clyde Petersen, Lucy Morehouse, Davis Limbach, Ian Ferguson, Stefan Gruber, Ashby Collinson, Kevin Kogin, Mike Wilkes, Kris Minta, Daniel Hukill, Elizabeth Matthews, Steve Arntson, Scott Davis, Tony Remple, Steve Quenell, Jean Smith, Chris Ando, Jason Miles, Bradley Lastname, Hazel Pine, Adam Beadle, David Farrell, Jeffrey Taylor, and John Adiar.

Each issue comes with a free CD curated by Scott Davis, LM, and Gary Franz (who also provided mastering and analog to digital conversion!).Tracks are all LP obscurities from the Ong Ong archives.

And thanks to all those who attended our imaginary release party in January-- NO ADVERTISING!


past issues


Issue #4 (2008)
pages, screen and block print stickers by Adam Beadle, Grouper, supplementary Jeffrey Taylor Victrola Favorites, Steve Gregoropolous (Lavender Diamond), Blue Cheer--an eyewitness account, show reviews, Stefan Gruber comics, art from Theo Ellsworth & Sarah AndersonMarc Manning, animal facts, beer reviews, collage, drawing, and one beautiful piece of Elizabeth Matthews'  fiction. Baggie deluxe repeat! Random paper!

CD-R is recovered childrens, educational, and spoken word LP obscurities. Duplicated by Eau Baby!

Printed 450 copies with silkscreen and flyer modification by Chris Ando.

Issue #3 (2007)
omics, Gretchen Bennett stickers, a full compilation CD, photos of party, flyer art, Brian  Murphy, drawings and collage, as well as stories about hospitals, smoke machines, hardware stores, interviews with Australian dronesters The Grey Daturas and (now former) KRS/5RC label dude Slim Moon. And, yes, it's in a goodie bag.

CD-R with tunes from: The Vonneguts, Western Graves, Na, Ghost Family, Ear Venom. Mastered and duplicated by Yann Novak.

Printed 250 copies with hand-cut  windows, three silk-screens, and two spray paint layers. Which Allan Davis did completely.




Issue #2 (2006)
ur second and seasonally Winter issue has stories about Iceland, the filmmaker Dusan Makavejev, a collective restaurant, European beer (part II), Ariel Pink interviewed, graffiti, a traveling chef, Australian drone, a comic about a headache, reviews, and a ridiculous amount of original art of exceptional quality.

CD-R is a compilation from Dragon's Eye Recordings (a Seattle electronic label).

Printed 200 copies because Adam Beadle did four-layer stencils on every single one. We are not even joshing. There's silkscreening by Devon Varmega too.

  Issue #1 (2005)
eaturing interviews with members of Sublime Frequencies, Jennifer Gentle, and Wolf Eyes as well as articles on record collecting, Eastern European beer, birthing attendants serving incarcerated women, Rodrigo Ds No Futuro film, as well as a really neato collection of coloring book pages, recipes, art, and collage.

CD-R by Yann Novak featuring unedited field recordings from Seattle parks.

Printed 200 with  silk-screened covers by Devon Varmega, stamp art, and stencils.




contribute content? mailing list?
nd if you are interested in putting your art or not fictional writing in Ong Ong, what should you do? Well,you should write to with some description and examples of.

Writing that address is also how you get on the mailing list. Yep.


how to buy one
f you would like to find zines in person, well hooray! Please visit these fine establishments:

Seattle - Left Bank Books, Wall of Sound, Sonic Boom, Elliot Bay Book Company, Easy Street Records of Queen Anne
Portland - Powell's, Reading Frenzy
San Francisco - Aquarius Records
Minneapolis -
Treehouse Records, Extreme Noise, Arise Books

If you are somewhere else, please bug your favorite local bookstore or send a letter with a check (made out to Lucy Morehouse because we are not official) or well-concealed cash for $7 (Issue #4) or $10 (Issue #5):

ATTN: Ong Ong
2317 14th Ave. S
Seattle,WA 98144

Or there is with credit cards by PayPal... but overseas people still need to write so I can adjust for shipping.

now current reviews
The Stranger, January 2, 2008
Christopher DeLaurenti reviewed - Issue 4

Although the web teems with blogs and online forums devoted to experimental music, print magazines still offer the most compelling and thorough coverage of the scene... The latest Ong Ong exploded all over my car's passenger seat when I opened it. Buttons, decals, and stickers were tucked inside an issue packed with sketches, collages, and recollections ("I Saw Blue Cheer"). The enclosed CD is an excellent and truly surreal anthology of children's songs ("Tree Tree Tree"), exercise records, nursery rhymes, and smarmy religious ditties ("Heaven Is a Wonderful Place").

Aquarius Records
Staff reviewed - Issue 4

Issue #4 of this Seattle zine has arrived! You simply seldom see this sort of lovingly handmade, cut'n'paste publication these days! Features include stories about Grouper and Blue Cheer, animal facts, assorted other writings, comics, collage, drawings, and reviews of gigs and... beer! The 52-page zine comes in a plastic sleeve which also corrals a handful of odds'n'ends -- some screenprinted stickers and a cd-r of educational, spoken word and children's LP obscurities. Limited to 450 copies!

Maximum RockNRoll, April 2008
Cassie Harwood reviewed - Issue 4

Ong Ong is a zine based out of Seattle that reads like opening a present with another present inside. A pretty screenprinted cover conceals a while pile of handmade stuff stuffed inside (stickers, prints, cd). Ong Ong itself is part comics (think Ziggy but not for old people, part music/show reviews (Blue Cheer, Grouper), part well-written nonfiction & part feminist-essay-written-by-a-dude.

Past reviews